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Window Safety Changes in Strata Properties

Window safety is changing for strata properties. 

From 13th March 2018, Strata Groups will need to have safety devises fitted to openable windows where:

  • The internal floor is more than 2 meters above the outside surface (ground, deck, etc); and

  • the window is less than 1.7 metres above the inside floor (ie. too high for children to reach).

The safety devise needs to:

  • have the capacity to restrict the maximum window opening to 12.5cm (it can still be fully opened or closed); and 

  • Withstand 25 kilograms of force (250 newtons to be technical).

The chosen device(s) can be attached to the window frame or be a strong bar, as long as the above requirements are met.

Applicable windows include those in common areas, such as hallways and stairwell landings. 

As a resident, you can choose to still fully open these windows, however if children are present, the safety devices should be in use.

You can learn more about this important change on the NSW Fair Trading page.

If you have further questions or concerns, you're planning on purchasing a property in a strata group, contact us on

02 4040 0540 or to discuss. 



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